Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Life in Art

When I was in high school, I would be the girl sitting in class drawing anime for fun instead of paying attention... but I always got straight A's.  I took every single art class they had to offer and even became the president of the art club by the time I hit 10th grade.  I was one of my favorite art teachers for Student Teacher Day - Mr. Kaufman.  He allowed me to teach an anime class, filled with handouts I created and a demo.  I made sure to petition for AP art classes in order to allow future students to have the opportunity to learn more.  My art club and I even finished a mural during my last year as president and it hangs proudly by the stairwell near the library.  By the time I hit senior year of high school, however, my life took a turn because I was pressured into making a life altering decision.  I really wanted to pursue my dreams to become a graphic designer, but my parents would not pay for my college tuition if I were to choose that route.  Instead, I was "forced" to follow in the footsteps of everyone in my family who chose medicine over their dreams.  I put the word forced in quotation marks because my parents never actually said I should go into it, but they told me it was a waste of my time to do artwork and they wouldn't pay for school.  It was a bit upsetting for me because my high school even awarded me with a few academic achievements in art as well as a scholarship check that could be used for art school.

One of My High School Art Pieces

I went to college thinking I could actually learn to enjoy medicine, but the six years I was in school were actually hell for me.  I felt like I was wasting away because of all the classes I was taking.  I would overload my schedule every semester and get mediocre grades.  I was less than thrilled about an ex boyfriend and our failing relationship (hence, the EX) and I wasn't at all interested in school as I was in high school.  All along the way, however, I always found myself doing something to get back into the art field.  I used to do makeup art.  I learned how to put on makeup on my own and bought different products from Sephora to figure out what colors worked for others.  I learned how to mix my own foundation colors and what each brush was used for.  I also started experimenting with colors and bleach on my own hair.  I needed some type of pizzazz in my life.  I made up for it when I ended up taking an art class during my third year of college when I transferred schools.

Anchor Points, Ahoy! - She Let Me Use Her as a Makeup Palette :) 

My Long, Crazy Hair

I only took one art class, but it was one of my favorite classes.  I remember taking Drawing 101, which was basic drawing and learning the fundamentals of art.  Despite all the science classes and the academic overload, this class in particular was my favorite course... and it was the one I paid most attention to.  I remember learning about hues and values, point of interest, and linear perspective.  We used charcoal, pastels, india ink, pens, markers, and pencils as media.  I worked so hard in that class to earn my A.  We had a project where we had to sit and draw our kitchen through linear perspective, and I sat there for six hours with an 18 x 24 in. sketch pad just passing time and drawing away.  I have to say... I was quite impressed with myself after that.  I was sad for the class to end at the end of the semester... and of course, I wanted to take another one, but I had to focus on finishing up some sort of degree to do something with my life.

Learning How to Use India Ink to Create Hues and Values

One of the Coolest Pieces I Ever Did - IGNORE THE NAME

I continued to TRY to pursue something related in the health and medical field, so I switched to pre-nursing.  Let's just say... I ended up hating it.  Once I transferred into the school I would graduate from later on, I entered into their Medical Technology program.  I joined a gym and started exercising, so I ended up minoring in Sports Management.  All along the while, however, art always crossed my mind. I ended up modeling on the side to get into a new form of creative expression.  I knew I could never be a runway model because of my height, but I definitely could try being a commercial model.  Of course, I never really pushed myself to get into an agency or anything, but I still did have fun with what I did and whoever I worked with.  I also started learning how to do my nails and how to create my own nail art, especially since my friend's family business was a nail salon.  Every time I came in, they would teach me the art of polish.  I learned and started painting my nails and adding designs.  Doing nails kind of stuck and it became a hobby.

Simple Modeling Shot

Nyan Cat Nails

Mint Candy Apple French

Once I graduated, I got an internship at the hospital I currently work for now.  Looking back on my life over the past 8 years has made me wonder if I made the right choice in the field I chose back in high school.  However, I don't regret my major.  I worked hard to get where I am today and I know my parents have only tried to help their children by steering them in the right direction.  Being in the health field allows financial stability, but for me, it also stops me from being truly happy and content with my life.  In recent months, I've been contemplating about becoming more financially stable and pursuing my dreams with my art.  I've met some amazing artists along the way at various Comic Cons and I want to sit along side them one day with my own table, where people will want to buy my art work and put it on their walls.  I've been given some amazing words of advice from Mr. Iron Man himself - the artist for Marvel - Bob Layton.  His most memorable advice, "Not doing what you love to do will kill you.  You will waste away and never be happy if you don't pursue your dreams.  Don't let anyone tell you that you can't make money in art.  I'm living proof that you can... and you WILL."

With those words, I will make sure I will make him proud and do what I was meant to do.  I can't give up on something I've been subconsciously working on for so long, without even realizing it!  I have the support of my boyfriend and my friends.  I will ease my parents into my long term goals in the future because I know they won't understand right now... but I do hope they will be happy with whatever decisions I make in my life.  I am going to do the best I can to have a table in Artist Alley alongside all the famous artists out there at the next Comic Con.  Wish me luck!


  1. aww I read ur blog entry. it took me back to drawing 101 with Mena Romano!!

    "Im not teaching you how to draw, Im teaching you to see" LOL

    1. You have no idea how much I actually missed that class. :) It was a lot of fun!

  2. <3 I love you. You have the eye and the talent for it. It goes to show from everything you've done, hobby-wise, to the places you go, that you are completely drawn to the creative side and it's clearly been pulling you in for a long time. And for your parents sake, there are a lot of amazing fields out there that are creative. And artist isn't just someone who paints beautiful masterpieces for museums, spray paints murals on walls, or, in their mind, someone on the street corner drawing portraits of people and tourist (though they have some mad skills when you watch them.) An artist is an amazing person who can see things in a whole different light and portray all different feelings with just an image. There are careers, like mine, that are all about advertising and marketing. There are careers for web designs, multi-media design, gaming, retail, corporate, etc. And you can make money in many of these fields. Overall, it's about your happiness. You have to be happy with what you choose to do and be happy doing it for the rest of your life. I'm here to back you up and I say go for it. :3