Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Love Nail Polish (ILNP) Holo - Review!!!

Hello everyone!  As some of you have noticed, new indie polish brands have been constantly popping up with their crazy cremes, glitters, and chromes.  Polish creators are using their creativity to make some beautiful colors.  I've been thrown into the world of indie polishes thanks to Eat. Play. Write.  She has quite the collection and has exposed me to a few brands that I'm looking to try out in the near future.  In my own journeys, I've actually stumbled upon a brand that I've been falling in love with quickly.  

I Love Nail Polish (ILNP) is an indie brand created in 2012 by a woman named Barbra.  She has made some beautiful polishes and is quite the sweetheart.  ILNP also has great customer service and they really pull through with everything they do.  Her recent collection has really caught my eye.  I haven't seen a great holographic polish set since OPI's DS series in 2009, but 2013 has really been a hotspot for holos.  ILNP created 13 polishes in this particular collection, twice as large as her normal collection.  I've had the opportunity to choose 6 different colors and I put them up to the test to see how well they hold up as a lacquer.

A.C. Slater was my first swatch and I adore the cool gray tone.  It's very difficult to find a good gray these days, considering most of them are either too dark or too light for me.  I found this one to have the perfect shade and little flecks of holos shine throughout the nail polish.  I only needed two coats to cover the whole nail and the glitter does not streak all over the place, but coats evenly.  The brush is a little thicker than most polish brushes, with a rubber top for easier gripping.  Since the brush is thicker, the polish is easier to maneuver and put on the nail.  

Next on the list is my favorite color out of this collection - Grape Alicious.  This polish is a rich purple holo that really shines in the sun.  I love the way the color pops off your nails.  This particular polish uses two to three coats, depending on the intensity you desire.  I've used two in these photos.  I don't believe my pictures do the polish enough justice, but in direct sunlight, this polish really catches anyone's attention.

My Cat Suit is a rich black polish with iridescent holo flecks saturated around it.  This would be a great color for Halloween, paired off with one of ILNP's bright orange glitters.  Two coats is enough to cover the nail completely.

I've actually fallen in love with Simply Adorable.  This polish is a bright teal holo that screams summer.  It's perfect for a pedicure and a day on the beach.  Since this is a lighter polish, however, three coats were needed since the coats were coming up slightly sheer.

Monterey Bay is slightly deeper and richer in its blue hues, reminding me of Essie's Dive Bar.  I also needed three coats for this swatch, but the deeper color was worth the extra coat.

Last, but not least, is probably my favorite clear glitter coat ever - My Private Rainbow (Scattered).  ILNP has created three versions of this particular polish.  She has created a scattered polish, a linear one, and a mixture between the two.  For those of you who aren't sure what this means, here's the breakdown: 
  • Scattered:  these pigments are larger in size and adds a larger sparkle to the polish, but it also enables the polish to become less smooth
  • Linear:  the pigments in a linear polish are smaller in size which creates a smoother look, but less sparkly
  • Scattered and Linear:  both pigments are mixed together to create a smoother, yet still sparkly, polish
I'm such a sucker for glitter, so I decided to get the scattered lacquer.  One coat of My Private Rainbow turns any polish into a sparkling beauty.  This particular polish is a gel with flecks of holo glitter all over the bottle.  It really does create a small rainbow in the bottle!  I've swatched one coat on top of two coats of Essie's Fifth Avenue here.

All in all, I have to say that ILNP has really outdone herself this time.  I'm very happy with each and every one of the colors she has given me and I look forward to her new collection coming out next week.  All her polishes are 3-free and come in her own special packaging, where each polish comes in its own black box.  You won't be disappointed in her shipping packaging either - all polishes are bubble wrapped for protection, wrapped in her special tissue paper, and neatly placed and organized her a little black box with her logo printed all over it.  Feel free to check ILNP out!  I can't wait for the next collection - look out for it on June 9th!
Until next time, nail polish lovers!!!  :)


  1. Loving these Holos, especially the Grape Alicious. It looks fab on your nails. I really wish I could get My Private Rainbow. Love that you can turn your favorite nail polish into a glittery holo with it. I can't wait till ILNP releases the new creams and holos!

    1. I know! I'm so excited too! You need to get a bottle of My Private Rainbow. It's really cool and it especially looks great on darker colors. I just found a new indie brand to try, so I MAY get a bottle of their stuff in the near future. Stay tuned! :)

    2. I just bought My Private Rainbow and possibly way too many other nail polishes from ILNP for my budget, but I've been pretty good about not spending a lot late. Also I found another brand that I'm curious about and have yet to try but we'll see! We shall have to compare notes on Wednesday if we are still hanging out. Text me!! <3

  2. Amazing review and pictures!! I'm glad you like them Katherine! Thanks <3

    1. Thank you again, Barbra! Always such a big fan. :) I can't wait until the new ones come in!

  3. I love Simply Adorable, what a gorgeous teal! I have definitely been introduced to more indie polishes by Kylie, can't wait for the new Rainbow Honey collection, it looks gorgeous!

    1. I bought a whole bunch of ILNP's new polishes and the colors are divine! If you haven't checked them out yet, make sure you do because the holos are really out of this world!