Saturday, February 27, 2016

Back from Hiatus


Hello all!  I took a long break from this website because I had writers block, no time, and no energy to do anything.  That sounds pretty bad, doesn't it?  I was so comfortable living life in a bubble with a boyfriend I loved and cared about, working from day to day, and spending all my money and energy on random stuff.  2015 was the year that turned my entire life upside down.  When you think everything is going well, someone decides to throw a wrench into your happy little bubble to pop it.  So... here's everything that happened in a quick nutshell.
  • Having one job cut my finances in half and I was fighting for hours at the hospital (in case you didn't know, I work in a laboratory in a hospital - yes, I am a vampire that likes to take your blood... and other fun specimens).  
  • I was unhappy at home, so I decided it was time for my boyfriend and I to take the next step and move in together (which in an Asian household, is definitely shunned upon).  This further cut my finances into almost nothing every month.
  • I still tried to do the normal things in life, despite my inability to be financially stable... which resulted in more fighting with the boyfriend (since spending that extra money was pointless to him)
  • Having said that, a build up of debt, being unhappy at work, and constantly fighting with my boyfriend led to... 
    • a messy breakup after 4 years
    • being kicked out of said apartment
    • finding a new place to live in 48 hours without moving back to my parents home
    • forcing myself to focus on the board exam I've been struggling to pass to get my career going in the medical field
    • shutting everything out and depriving myself of sanity to focus on myself since my other half left me in the dark
Long story short, I've come to realize that all things have good and bad times... ups and downs, and even worse times.  Since all this has happened, I still haven't passed the exam but I've found my self worth again.  I've become a stronger person as an individual as compared to the person I was when I was in a relationship (someone who was dependent on their significant other for happiness).  Old friends came back to help me get back on my feet and become myself again.  I'm thankful for the new ones that came into my life to snap me out of my daze and I'm even more thankful for my family who helped me through my tough summer.  I went back to church and realized God really does work miracles on everyone, even when you've been away for so long. 

So after all that, you're probably wondering what happened to the ex.  Well, he came back to me... but we're just talking because I have too many things on my plate.  The year just started, so who knows where my life will take me?  After working 45 hours this week (now I've got an overabundance of hours), I've come to realize there is so much more to me and I need to find out how to tap into it all.  So... hello new year, hello to more blogs, and hello to life.  Let's start over and make it fresh.