Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Orly - Sparkling Garbage (feat. Orly's Monster Mash) - Review!

I've been noticing a pattern in the nail world lately - more and more companies have been following the trend of creating holographic polishes and I can't help but falling in love with them.  I've been searching for a new color to put on my nails and I've had the opportunity to find this particular gem at my favorite beauty supply store.  Orly's created their new Summer 2013 collection with their fun neons and cremes, but this beauty stuck out and I knew I had to pick it up.  Sparkling Garbage is a gel-like sea green base with a holographic glitter.

From the bottle, the color doesn't look like much because it seems to be so opaque, but once I painted my nails, the glitter shines and glistens throughout the entire polish.  I love this color, but you'd need at least three coats to get the right intensity.  Two coats still seem to a bit sheer, but the glitter still shows throughout the polish.

These photos don't do the polish enough justice because of the lighting.  Under the sunlight, the polish sparkles in the sun and I adore the color.  My fingers have become mini gems!  I've added Monster Mash to accent the ring finger, and one coat changed the color of that sea green to a bright forest green. Monster Mash also gave the polish some depth, but the holos still shined through.

This color is definitely a keeper!!!  If you're looking for a beautiful holo, Sparkling Garbage is the way to go.  As always, Orly's formula is 3-free and are safe for your nails.  Enjoy!

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