Friday, May 10, 2013

Jump From Paper Bags - Review!

Hello all!  I'm on a trip right now and I'm lounging around in Orlando, Florida.  I'm running around all the theme parks because I have a three day pass to Universal Studios and I've got a ticket to Disney World... it feels so nice to be a kid again!  As I was walking around Islands of Adventure today, I stumbled upon a bag I've been thinking of buying for quite some time, but I never could find it in the city.  All the stores the website said they'd be sold at were either closed or they were no longer selling the products.  I can't believe I'd find them in Toon Town at Universal Studios, of all places.  These bags are made by a company called "Jump From Paper," where they have found a way to create an actual handbag with a 2D perception.  These bags look like they were drawn, colored, and pulled out of a sketch pad.

At first glance, the design of the bags are simply adorable.  The colors pop, it's eye-catching, and these bags really look like they "jump from paper."  Upon a closer look, however, I was disappointed.  The bags are not as large as they seem to be and most of the space in the bag can fit no more than a large wallet, possibly a small tablet of sorts, keys, and a phone.  They're completely flat in design and open up to about two inches in depth.  I was even more disheartened to find that the bags were actually poorly made, with a cardboard-like front and back cover within a canvas fabric.

As you can see from a distance, the bag looks large, but is actually only about 3 inches in depth... maybe it's large enough to fit a book or a small laptop.  The price range of these small bags range from $80 - $110.  I would have loved to take one of these home, but they are too small for me in comparison to what I'm usually used to.  As disappointed as I am, however, I do hope that Jump From Paper attempts to change and modify their concept purses in order to allow them to be more functional.  I would like to see them take this design and expand on it, or even make it better and much more spacious.  Overall, it's a cute idea, but it's just not my cup of tea. 

If you are looking to purchase these bags and you think it'll be large enough to hold what you need, you can always purchase them from their website, Jump From Paper.  If you're in the Orlando, FL area, you can pick it up from Toon Town at Islands of Adventure as well.  Anyway, I'll be getting back to my vacation, so I hope to hear from you all soon!


  1. I've been wanting one of those bags. I think they are adorable but that price tag is hefty. And I'd need a decent amount of room to store all my junk from my purse too. I'm glad you got to see them and now I know how small and pricey they are. Let's hope they do change. :3

  2. I think that those bags are knockoffs. Real JFP bags are good quality, hence the price tag. Also, the real suitcase has completely different stickers, and the shoulder bag only comes in blue, they dont make it in pink.

  3. Hey,It`s Copycat ,not real JumpFromPaper!!

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