Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Food For Thought

I've been experimenting with cooking lately and I've realized I have a real knack for it.  I suppose you can say in a way, cooking is like art.  You have to have that special touch to make it taste just right for you.  I have always loved cooking food and eating it, which is ironic since I'm a personal trainer.  I should be creating healthy meals, but instead, I'm making pastries for the holidays for my side business. If I didn't work out every day, I'd probably be a very heavy lady.  It actually wasn't supposed to be a side business, though.  I was just baking for fun... until someone told me I should really sell my food.  Of course, my mom didn't like the idea of me selling homemade baked goods, but after she tried my cooking, she realized I could actually do it.  Who knows... maybe I'll open my own bakery one day.

In the meantime, here are a few of the cakes and pastries I've created.  I don't like my pastries too sweet, but the right consistency will play well on the tongue palate... and you can even accompany it with some white wine!  Let's get fancy!

This is the cake I am holding up in the photograph.  It's a dulce de leche swirl cheesecake with a vanilla pudding/fresh cream topping.  I topped it off with raspberries for decoration.

This is the first time I've ever made a pie... and it's an apple one, for that matter.  I took different types of apples and created an apple filling with the right amount of spices.  I let it cool for a day and made a homemade crust.  I layered the pie together, baked it, and used an egg wash to make it shine.  Not bad for my first try!  The only sad part was that I couldn't even try it.  Sadly, I'm allergic to apples... but I'm glad everyone else enjoyed it!  It was a big hit!

These are little white chocolate cheesecake bites, layered with fresh cream and raspberry filling.  They're good for a bite-sized snack if you don't want to eat a whole slice.

I baked this mouth-watering cake for my boyfriend's holiday party.  It's a chocolate marble cheesecake with a chocolate ganache pudding topping.  I finished it off with fresh strawberries to add a little bit of color.

As you can tell, I've been having a lot of fun with my time and these desserts are as decadent as they look.  My desserts were inspired by my love of foods and various restaurants in the city.  However, what really got me started was my best friend, Elena (find her here on her blog).  She is always so talented and creative.  Every time I come over her house, we're always baking her addicting chocolate chip cookies and I manage to take home half the batch.  Of course, the cookies don't last too long since my entire family gobbles them up... but they're still amazing when I get to have them.  I think one of the coolest things she's ever done and shown me was her hot chocolate pops from last Christmas.  She made these chocolate lollipops that had a marshmallow attached to it so you can just dip them in hot milk and stir them to make hot chocolate.  How innovative!  They were definitely on my "try to make it" list and I made some for my Christmas favors.  I can't wait to see what she's making this year!

I'm probably going to make some homemade cookies this year, which may include my white chocolate  cranberry walnut biscotti, peppermint pinwheels, chocolate chip cookies, and red velvet crinkle cookies.  We need some holiday cheer!  

If any of you would like to contact me about buying something for the holidays, please feel free to contact me here.  Please give me at least 5 days notice so I can have enough time to make it.  Same day or day before orders will be an extra $8.00.

Prices are as follows:
9-inch round cheesecake - $25.00
24 cupcakes or cheesecake bites - $20.00
Pies - $15.00
Regular 9 inch cakes (buttercream frosting) - $25.00

Cheesecake Flavors:
White Chocolate (with raspberry compote filling)
Dulce de Leche
Apple Toffee
Red Velvet
Milk Chocolate
Dark Chooclate
Marble Cream

Pie Flavors:
Coconut Cream
Key Lime
Chocolate Mud Pie

Okay, I have to get back to baking.  Have a great day, everyone!  

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